Why You Need The Support Of A Lawyer During A Divorce


Divorce is a challenging and emotionally draining process. It involves not only the dissolution of a marriage but also the division of assets, child custody arrangements, and potential alimony or child support payments. Navigating through these complexities can be overwhelming, which is why having the support of a divorce lawyer is crucial. This blog post will explore the key reasons why hiring a divorce lawyer is essential during this difficult time.

19 October 2023

What Factors Influence Spousal Support Payments?


There are many financial considerations that go into the divorce process. This includes how much spousal support is paid and how long payments will be necessary. While this can bring up some justifiable concerns, know that there are many factors involved to help reach a final decision. The Decision You And Your Spouse Make One thing to keep in mind is that the spousal support you pay may ultimately be up to what you and your spouse decide.

21 July 2023

Personal Injury Claims For Unprovoked Airbag Deployment


An airbag is a crucial safety tool that you expect to deploy in the event of an accident. What you do not expect is for the airbag to deploy unnecessarily. When the latter occurs, the driver and other passengers in the vehicle can sustain injuries, and if the driver loses control, it can also lead to an accident. Given the circumstances, the victims in this scenario may have the right to file a personal injury suit.

4 May 2023

5 Reasons That Can Justify A Modification In Child Support


One thing that is decided on during a divorce is how much one spouse will pay in child support. However, the amount owed in child support doesn't last indefinitely. There are actually some valid reasons that you can request a child support payment modification. Parent Income Changes Child support payments are set during a divorce based on how much each parent is earning at the time. If that amount were to change where either parent makes substantially more or less, this could help justify a change in child support.

21 February 2023