Personal Injury Claims For Unprovoked Airbag Deployment


An airbag is a crucial safety tool that you expect to deploy in the event of an accident. What you do not expect is for the airbag to deploy unnecessarily. When the latter occurs, the driver and other passengers in the vehicle can sustain injuries, and if the driver loses control, it can also lead to an accident. Given the circumstances, the victims in this scenario may have the right to file a personal injury suit. 

Tracing the Issue

When an airbag deploys without cause, it is likely a result of a manufacturer defect. Spontaneous deployment can be the result of an electrical failure. If the wires that support the airbag release are damaged, it could falsely signal deployment. It is also worth noting that a wiring issue could also prevent the airbags from deploying in an accident. 

An issue with the inflator could also be to blame. When a collision occurs, the sensor inside the airbag unit detects this disturbance. Once triggered, the sensor activates the inflator, which prompts the airbag to deploy. If the sensor falsely detects an impact, the airbag can deploy even if the car is not in motion. 

Seeking Medical Assistance

If an airbag deploys on you, it is essential for you to seek medical treatment. A visit to the doctor is warranted even if no other vehicles are involved in the incident. Airbags are meant to keep the passenger from slamming forward into the dash during a collision, so they utilize considerable force to serve as a buffer. 

However, when there is not any impact, the full speed of the airbag plowing toward your face and upper body can lead to significant injury, including burns and fractures. A visit to the doctor will allow you to assess your injuries and document them as evidence. 

Preserving the Evidence

If you experience this issue, you must stop driving your vehicle so that any evidence can be preserved. If a manufacturer defect is to blame, an examiner must inspect the airbag system to diagnose the issue that led to the deployment.

If you destroy the evidence, you could also ruin your ability to prove that there was a manufacturer defect, which could prevent you from being able to file a successful claim. An attorney can help you find an investigator to come and inspect your vehicle and pinpoint the issue. 

Contact a local personal injury law firm to learn more. 


4 May 2023

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