Don't Make These Wrong Financial Moves During Your Divorce


If a divorce is in your near future, you should begin very early on to realize that everything you do from now until the divorce is final could come back to haunt you. One of your smartest moves to make in order to ensure that everything goes as smoothly as possible is to retain the services of a family divorce attorney as soon as possible. Additionally, you should be aware of some particularly bone-headed financial moves that could end up causing you no end of problems if you are not careful.

4 October 2017

Tips For Negotiating A Custody Schedule For Divorcing Parents Of Teenagers


If you and your ex-spouse are getting ready to sit down and negotiate a custody schedule for your teenagers, then there are some special things you need to take into consideration. While younger children have simple lives and are very flexible with their schedules, the same is not true for older teens. Teenagers have social lives, after school activities, and jobs you need to think about. To this end, here are some tips for negotiating a custody schedule you, your ex-spouse, and your teenagers will agree to:

19 July 2017