Tips For Negotiating A Custody Schedule For Divorcing Parents Of Teenagers


If you and your ex-spouse are getting ready to sit down and negotiate a custody schedule for your teenagers, then there are some special things you need to take into consideration. While younger children have simple lives and are very flexible with their schedules, the same is not true for older teens. Teenagers have social lives, after school activities, and jobs you need to think about. To this end, here are some tips for negotiating a custody schedule you, your ex-spouse, and your teenagers will agree to:

Tip: Ask Your Teenagers About Their Schedule Preferences

Before you and your ex-spouse sit down to discuss the custody schedule, you should sit with your teenagers and ask them what they want the schedule to look like. Your ex should do the same thing. Once everyone has spoken, then the adults should sit together and negotiate a schedule that everyone can tolerate. 

For example, your teenagers might want to spend all of their weekdays at your house because it is closer to their school or work, but your ex might want them to alternate weeks. See if your ex can live with the teens staying with you during the week as long as you will agree to them having the kids on the weekends. 

Tip: Plan for a Method of Parental Communication

Even though your teenagers are old enough to manage their day to day lives themselves, it is important that you and your ex-spouse keep in touch with each other. As issues arise with dating, driving, and after school activities, it is important that the two parents can effectively communicate with each other.

When you sit down with your ex to negotiate the custody agreement, you need to plan for a method of parental communication. For example, you and your ex can agree to text each other or email when there is a problem, or you can agree to call or talk in person so there aren't any disagreements. 

Tip: Agree as a Family to Stay Flexible

In conclusion, it cannot be overstated how important it is that you and your ex-spouse agree to stay flexible about the custody schedule moving forward. For example, while you want your teenager to stay with you this weekend, they may prefer spending time with your ex-spouse or their friends and that should be okay. Teenagers are old enough to have input into their living situation and should be listened to when they request reasonable changes to the schedule.

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19 July 2017

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