Answers to Divorce Questions for Someone Who Has Been Caught Cheating


If your spouse is filing for divorce due to your adultery, it's important to understand how your decisions can affect the divorce proceedings. Fortunately, adultery doesn't instantly mean that you lose everything. The following answers can help equip you with the knowledge you need as your case moves forward. Will your spouse be awarded more of the property or higher alimony if adultery is involved? Not necessarily. Generally, property is split equally between the divorcing parties regardless of the reason for the divorce.

16 August 2016

Your Finances: What Not To Do During Your Divorce


The upheaval of divorce can make it a challenge to focus on your finances, but you should know that the financial decisions you make now could continue to impact you for a very long time. Read on for more information on turning these divorce-related financial mistakes into positive moves that will help create a more financially-secure future for you and your children. Failing to look at the big picture. Don't allow the stress and emotional aspects of divorce to keep you from taking a hard, realistic look at your financial picture.

10 May 2016

Dealing With Divorce And Income Taxes


Even though your divorce may be taking quite some time to finalize, you may need to file your income taxes before it officially happens. Your relationship may be faltering, but you are still obligated to file your tax returns with a married filing status. Thankfully, you can file your taxes as a married couple, but still file separately. Your filing status will be determined by your legal marriage status at the end of the tax year.

16 February 2016

Taking A Look At Skipping The Prenup And Going For A Postnup After You Get Married


Getting married involves a lot of planning and change, but between the wedding plans and combining of two lives into one, there is one big component that may get left out: the combination of two financial lives. Once the vows are said and you and your partner are off to start your new life together, you may come to the realization that combining your finances is a little harder than you expected.

5 January 2016