Are You Weighing Divorce Alternatives? 4 Reasons Why You Should Choose The Uncontested Divorce


Separating from someone you have shared a life with is a complex matter. There are usually so many variables that affect the outcome. Taking the uncontested option is a recommended way to ease the strain that results from the entire process. However, you need to figure out whether an uncontested divorce is the right choice for you before you go this route. You and your spouse have to agree on the terms and conditions of the separation process before embarking on it. Here are five reasons to choose this option.

You Experience More Peace of Mind

This process is amicable, unlike the contested one where you combat and wrestle everything from your partner. The antagonism created by the contested divorce leads to a complete lack of peace. It can also bring hostility and negativity to your life. You might even notice that it raises your stress levels and denies you peace of mind. However, when you both remain on friendly and respectful terms, you can focus on the solutions that favor everyone. Keeping the peace is especially crucial when you have children. Getting an uncontested divorce creates a peaceful path for the future. 

You Get More Control

Many people have the misconception that they will gain more control over their circumstances when they force their partner to give something up through the legal system. However, it is easier to get this power by reaching a series of agreements. Each time you agree with your spouse about an aspect of the divorce, you can control the entire separation process. Contested divorce knocks you out of balance and also takes a lot of your time and energy. As such, opt for an uncontested divorce instead. 

You Pay Less

Divorce is not a cheap process. It turns your finances upside down, especially when you did not prepare for such an eventuality. Making it a court case drags it out and leads to additional legal costs. You prevent the lawyers' fees from going into six figures when you opt for the uncontested alternative. 

You Stop the Deterioration of Your Relationship

Separating from a spouse should not make them a mortal enemy. When you follow the right processes, you can separate from them and still remain cordial. Conversely, the contested process can lead to disrespect and further separation. This outcome is unfavorable, especially when co-parenting. 

Look for a way to get your partner to agree to an uncontested divorce. It will give you and your entire family a quick separation and ultimate peace of mind. For more information, contact an uncontested divorce lawyer.


18 November 2021

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