Mediators Can Help You With Complex Child Custody Agreements


After a family split, the struggles and challenges that come along with the situation are not reserved for a certain group of people. Families of all sizes, backgrounds, and socioeconomic groups face the same challenges, and fortunately, through mediation, each of these families has the opportunity to make it past these events. If you and the other parent of your children have decided to part ways, learn how family mediation can help with creating a custody agreement.

Prioritize Needs

The goal of a custody agreement is to ensure that the children are best taken care of, but it is also important that the concerns of each parent are addressed. A mediator can sit down with you to review your concerns, help you format them into a comprehensive arrangement, and help you fight for these demands during the mediation process. A mediator will work to ensure your concerns and needs are not overlooked but addressed. 

Non-Emotional Third-Party

Children are undoubtedly one of the most sensitive areas for most individuals. Therefore, the topic of children often comes along with a high-level of emotion. The problem is that when both parents are presenting their arguments in a heavily-emotional state—little will get done. A mediator is a neutral, non-emotional third party that is only concerned with addressing the facts. The less emotion involved in the process, often, the smoother the process goes. 

Legal Knowledge VS Legal Advice

It is important to distinguish that the help you receive from family mediation will be rooted more in legal knowledge than legal advice. Mediators come from an array of backgrounds. However, many of these professionals have specific experience with the laws that concern child custody agreements within your state. Although they may not be able to offer you legal advice, they can help guide you to ensure you are within the limits of the law. 

Avert Lengthy Legal Concerns

When a parent does not have a solid agreement in mind, is working from an emotional place, and does not understand the terms of the law, drafting and agreeing on the custody agreement can be quite a lengthy experience. The longer a court battle, the greater the cost that all parties involved will incur. A mediator can reduce the amount of time it takes for you to come up with an agreement and keep you out of court, which can help you avert extensive legal costs. 

If you are struggling to develop a custody agreement, allow a mediator to assist you with the process. 


10 February 2021

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