3 Things You Should Not Do When Getting Divorced


It can take lot of time, money, and energy to go through a divorce, and it can be even costlier and more problematic if you make mistakes during your divorce. To help your divorce run smoother and have better results for you, here are three things you should not do while getting divorced.

Handle the divorce through a do-it-yourself option

It can be so tempting to consider a do-it-yourself (DIY) divorce, especially if you compare the price differences with these and using a lawyer, but DIY divorces are almost never a good idea. When you use this type of divorce, you are responsible for filing all of the necessary documents with the court, and you will also be responsible for handling all the negotiations of the divorce yourself. The main problem you might encounter from this is that you could lose out on your settlement. If you do not know what you are entitled to get from the divorce, you might not fight hard enough for what you want, and this could cause you to lose out.

Give in too easily

The second thing you should not do during your divorce is give in too easily. If you want a fair settlement in your divorce, you will likely have to stand up for yourself and fight for what you want. You will have an easier time doing this if you have a lawyer assisting you, but it will also be more beneficial for you if you fight for what you want and for what you are entitled to.

Start seeing someone else

The other thing you should really try to avoid doing is starting a new relationship with someone else. While it is not against the law to date someone while you are going through a divorce, it can create a lot of other problems. If you start seeing someone, you could end up very distracted from the divorce, and this could also cause you to lose out on the settlement. Secondly, if you are seeing someone else, your spouse might become very upset about it and may end up trying to get even with you by fighting you on every issue of the divorce. If you have kids, seeing someone right away may also cause them to feel confused and angry, and this is why it is typically better to wait to start dating until your divorce is official.

If you have questions about getting divorced, or if you would like to file for divorce, contact a local divorce attorney.


24 October 2019

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