Tips For Getting Your Fair Share Of The Household Items When Going Through A Divorce


If you're going through a divorce, it might be important to you to get your fair share of the household items. Some people worry about not getting what they are entitled to when they get a divorce, and this is something that happens to some people. However, you can help make sure that you get what is owed to you by following these steps.

Hire an Attorney

The first thing that pretty much anyone who is going through a divorce should do is hire a divorce attorney, even if things seem to be fairly amicable between you and the person who you are divorcing. An attorney can talk to you about divorce laws, help you get what is rightfully yours in the divorce and otherwise help you through each and every step of the process.

Make an Inventory of What's in the House

Next, it's smart to go through and make an inventory of the items that are in the house. You don't have to write down each and every individual item if you don't want to -- after all, that could take quite some time to do -- but you will want to go through and write down a general list of items. Then, when you are deciding what you do and don't want, you will not forget anything. 

Decide Which Items You Care About the Most

After you have an inventory of the items in your house, you can start looking through the list and the items in your home to get an idea of which items you would like to have and which ones you don't really care much about. Then, you will already have an idea of which items you want to talk to your lawyer about and which items you want to fight for.

Be Willing to Be Flexible

Of course, if you want to get your way when it comes to certain household items, then it sometimes pays to be flexible. If there are household items that you don't care much about but that you know are important to your spouse, such as sentimental items from his or her family, then you may want to be flexible about these items. In an amicable divorce, this can make a difference and might make your spouse less likely to argue with you about letting you have the items that you care the most about from the marital estate.

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18 February 2019

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