How To Fight For Sole Custody


When it comes to custody of your children following a separation or divorce, sometimes you can't come to terms with the other parent to arrange the right custody for your children you have together. You want sole custody, which means you alone are responsible for the physical, and often legal, upbringing of your children, while the other parent is responsible for paying child support to help raise your children.

Sole custody is not the usual custody arrangement courts decide on because in many cases, it's best for the children to be with both their mother and father as they are used to. If you want sole custody of your children, you will need a great child custody attorney. Here are ways you can fight for sole custody of your children.

Proving what's best for the kids

If you have always been the primary parent for your children, your children are very young, or the other parent has a job that takes them away from the family home for long periods of time — such as military action or a traveling job — then sole custody may be best for your children. Your lawyer will work with you to help draw up the reasoning you have for keeping your children with you full time, even if the other parent is a good parent.

Keep in mind that even with sole custody, you can and should still allow the other parent access to your children in common unless the other parent poses a danger or chooses to be uninvolved in the rearing of your child. If your children are best with you simply because you can prove you are the parent who has always been around and the other parent has been absent primarily due to certain circumstances, the courts may rule in your favor.

Proving an unfit parent

If you want sole custody for the well-being and safety of your children, courts take this reasoning seriously. If the other parent has abandoned or rarely sees your children, has a drug or alcohol problem they are not addressing, has a history of violence or domestic issues, or has a mental disability that can otherwise impair with their ability to rationally raise your children without supervision, you can fight for sole custody.

This requires the knowledge and skill of a lawyer, since the other parent will likely fight your stance that they are unfit to avoid losing rights to their children. The right lawyer will help you win your case and get sole custody of your children.


7 January 2019

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