2 Mistakes To Avoid When Fighting For Custody


If you are going through a divorce you are probably worried about the custody of your children. The estate is just "stuff" that can be divided up pretty easily, but the children have feelings, attachments and their future to worry about. This is why the decision of where the children are placed is so important and shouldn't be taken lightly. If you are fighting for the custody of your children it is important that you avoid making some mistakes that could make you a less favorable candidate. Here are a couple mistakes to avoid.

1. Making Your Ex-Spouse Look Bad

Contrary to what you might think, making your spouse look bad in front of the judge doesn't make you look better. This is not a cut and dry situation where there will be a loser and a winner. If the judge feels like both parents are unfit to keep the children, they might appoint a whole new guardian completely. This is why you should worry more about showing the judge that you are a capable and good parent, rather than tearing down the other parent.

In addition, children need to see their parents supporting each other. If you are constantly fighting with your ex-spouse and belittling your ex-spouse in front of your children, this can be emotionally damaging. A judge knows this and won't see you favorable if you are constantly bringing your ex-spouse down.

2. Excessive Partying

So now that you are divorced, you might feel the need to revert back to your single days of clubbing, excessive drinking and even recreational drugs. If you choose this route you might as well say good-bye to custody. The judge wants to know that you see yourself first and foremost as a parent for your child. If you go back to acting like a teenager, they might deem you unfit to have children in your home.

This doesn't mean that you can't have fun and have friends. But you should make sure that you are keeping a good curfew, drinking responsibly and avoiding any type of illegal activity.

This also applies to get in trouble with the law. Any criminal charge on your record could result in your losing your children. Your children need a stable and responsible parent. Any kind of criminal charge or misdemeanor could deem you unfit.

By avoiding these two things you can improve your chances of getting the custody of your children. For further assistance, contact a divorce attorney, such as one from the Law Office of Shelli Wright Johnson.


17 April 2015

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